“I hate actors. They never act like people. They just think they do.”
The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger

She’s not sleeping
like she should.

She’s too busy dreaming
with her eyes open.

“The night is as vast as the sea and I am as tender as an open wound bleeding. The wind shakes me but it is silence that breaks me.”
— Lydia Flores, Journal
“Render me a slave for touch.”
— six word story, #21 (via ladyfunnybones)

dark hair covering your eyes 

i wonder how you can 

even see through it

i wonder why i cant

see through you.


you hold it out like a weapon
a weapon you’re not sure you are ready to use

after a rapturous struggle we rest
I put my ear to your chest
as I listen for the signal to your next earthquake

across the increasing distance of our continental drift
comes the low rumble as your affections shift
like tectonic plates

and the house I’ve built on your seismic divide
shakes and cracks as your halves grind settle and slide

and the aftershock when the turmoil abates
is the quick crisp snap of my heart
when it breaks